How to Start Your First Fitness Training Program

Fitness Training Program

Some men or women are worried to start their first fitness training. They don’t know what to do and what to prepare for their first fitness training. Actually, you don’t need to worry about that because you can still start your first fitness program confidently. The list below can help you to prepare your first program so in the end you can really get maximal result.

Set Your Goal

To prepare your first time fitness program, you should set your goal. The goal is various, such as doing for wearing your favorite dress, loosing belly fat which makes you uncomfortable, achieving ideal weight, or even attracting your beloved one. No matter what, just set your goal and use it to increase your spirit to start and finish the fitness training program. Although it looks simple and it doesn’t have any relationship with the training but setting goals is the way to start a fun fitness program. Most people who set their goals tend to finish fitness program well.

Take Some Pictures

Yes, you may take some pictures of your body before and after the workout. Instead of share those images to the social media, you just need to keep it by yourself. The main reason of taking those pictures is to check your fitness progress. It is better to take the photos of your full body every 2 up to 4 weeks. You can analyze the chance from the images so you know what kind of workout you should do next training. It is also possible to take videos to make it clearer. The main point is that you know the detail of your body and the progress you have made.

How to Start Your First Fitness Training ProgramStart from the Small Workout

Some people tend to have high spirit at the beginning. As the result, they take the hard workout to see fast result. It is okay to do it but it is better to start from the small workout. The purpose of starting from the small workout is to keep you have enough energy especially in the middle and at the end of the program. Moreover, doing small but in high consistency is better than doing hard workout and then you don’t want to do it anymore. This is also the way for you to start the fitness training program fun. Let say, you can start by doing easy or simple workout for about 10 minutes and doing it for 3 days every week.

Modification is Important

It is good to tight on your schedule but at the same time, you may get easily bored. To prevent boredom while achieving your fitness goals, you may modify your schedule. You may check your schedule and then start to modify it. For example, you can prepare your clothes the night before and then wakeup earlier. You can also do simple exercise from video and sometimes you can do simple exercise from DVD, or do some outdoor exercises. This simple trick can make your exercise long lasting and even after achieving your goals. You can start your healthy lifestyle fun only by modifying your schedule. It is also good to write down at least 3 new activities you haven’t done before. Let say, you want to stop drinking soda or alcohol and change it with water, walking in the morning for 10 minutes a day, and eating more vegetables and fruits.

Don’t Be Afraid of Visiting Gym

Some people tend to be afraid of visiting gym especially if they don’t have ideal weight yet. It seems that you are intimidated by people around you. The way to solve it is keep you calm and relax. Then, you can focus on yourself. Let say, you can start with cardio machine because it makes you comfort especially if you are a beginner. Hopefully, you can achieve your ideal weight just like what you want.

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